Minggu, 06 November 2011

Expression of Asking and Giving Information

Bella   : How are you?
Ricky  : I am fine, how about you?
Bella   : Fine too thanks
Ricky  : Hey, what do you think about my new bag?
Bella   : Wow, I think it is a good bag with the newest style. Where did you buy it, Ricky?
Ricky  : My auntie bought it for my birthday gift. What;s your opinion about the color?
Bella   : Hmm in my opinion, it has a bad color
Ricky  : Why? You know it's my auntie's choice
Bella   : Because the color is glamour and look too over for boy like you, but I appreciate it
Ricky  : Yeah. Thanks for your opinion, Bell
Bella   : No problem

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